TVG Variable Solution – Testing Platform

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The TVG Solution includes a testing platform
We understand the importance of having the best appeal. We have created results for people that increased their conversion rate by up to 200% - many times!! By 200% we mean we have seen our solution increase response rates from 1% to 3% many times.  

Some companies enjoy astonishing improvements in response rates immediately. However, other companies see a smaller, but still substantial, lift (50% to 70%) immediately and need to test different appeals (different combinations of variables) before they enjoy improvements over 150%.

With the TVG solution you get a testing platform
To create a variable direct response campaign, a platform is programmed that incorporates the variables into each document. This is a permanent platform. For subsequent campaigns, you can reuse this platform, replacing variables (copy, imagery, lay-out) easily, without significant incremental costs to test the success of different variables on different members of your audience.

Tests can include different audience segmentation, product features, benefits, or ways to express product features and benefits.

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