TVG Variable Solution – Targeting

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Customers are individuals and respond more often when treated as individuals
The customer base at most companies is made up of people with different:

  • Age
  • Income Range
  • Education
  • Region
  • Interests/Attitudes
  • Values
  • Motivation for purchase
  • Purchase History

The probability of conversion increases when you can take these differences into consideration and craft a message for each customer (or prospective customer) that reflects his or her own profile.

With TVG, you can! We enable you to select product features and benefits, and how you communicate (copy, and imagery) those particular product features and benefits, according to your profile data.

The data is collected through your CRM system and/or external research such as Environics and Gen5. If you don’t have external research and need it, we have the an established relationships with virtually all marketing research firms in Canada and can get the information for you quickly and easily.

Other Options don't offer the ability to target in the same way
With static direct response you create one document. You are forced to choose one message (copy, imagery and lay-out) for your entire audience. You are unable to incorporate differences that exist within your audience.

With other options you are forced to dilute and compromise your message
Versioning allows a few different layouts, (usually about 5 maximum), providing you with some choice. However, you still have to make tough decisions around which audience information and which product information to choose when creating your versions. It tends to allow you to segment your audience on one aspect. It certainly does not give you the freedom to incorporate several variables to create a robust, targeted message.

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