Importance of Data Management in Variable Campaigns
Variable direct response campaigns increase conversion by creating a stronger link between the recipient and the product or service than the alternatives are able to.

The link is made stronger by developing individualized messages (copy, images, graphics) for each recipient based on information about each recipient. The source of the recipient information is data, either internal data from a CRM system, and/or external research data from a research and analytics.

TVG scrubs and validates the data, then programs a variable platform that uses the data to guide how variables are inserted into each piece, ensuring that each variable corresponds to each recipient.

As such, TVG has developed industry leading expertise in data integrity and variable programming.

Data Integrity
TVG  are experts when it comes to data and we deliver 100% data quality – no exception.

Address accuracy, data cleansing, de-duping, do not contact list suppression, and audience segmentation assignment are all part of the TVG Variable Solution.

We have integrated and improved a full suite of software tools to ensure 100% quality in our data scrubbing. The most important and valuable tools we have are the experienced professionals that actively manage this process for TVG. The expert “optic nerve” of the TVG’s seasoned professionals differentiate TVG from the competition. We are able to sustain this expertise because of our focus on this and decision to invest in the resources needed to keep this team at the leading edge of data management and quality control.

Variable Platform Programming
The commercially available tools and programs simply do not properly handle the complexity that comes with successful variable, one-to-one campaigns. TVG’s proprietary approach to variable programming ensures that the campaigns remains manageable and scalable despite the inherent pitfalls and challenges. TVG uses it’s own unique approach, techniques and proven technology developed over the past 10 years to deploy best in class solutions All campaigns are digitally created in house then securely delivered to the appropriate partner for production, finishing and deployment. Whether the campaign is direct mail, email, or web-based, TVG manages all aspects of the variable programming required to make.

Testing and Validation
Our Proof Positive technology is truly unique. It guarantees that any campaign has been properly tested. In addition, select live records encompassing most variable elements are examined thoroughly before production files are produced.

Often enterprises have difficulty tracking the success of marketing initiatives and campaigns. Response rates are generally tracked by various codes when sales are made, but often these codes are neglected, forgotten, entered incorrectly or are simply not available at the time of sale. TVG can help! Our experience, technology and tools can match sales to campaigns with outstanding precision. Let us take the inaccuracies and guess work out of the process.
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