TVG Variable Solution – Increase Conversion

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Increase conversion, response, lift, success of your direct response campaigns
TVG creates documents – print, email, web-based – that have areas for variable copy, imagery, and layout. You set the variables as appropriate and we make them appear on the document.

Quite simply, TVG’s solution maximizes your marketing ROI. For the same investment you will get a higher response rate, higher revenue and more sales.

Creates a stronger link between audience and product
The conversion rate is higher because the variability creates a stronger, more compelling link between your audience and product. Variability strengthens the link between audience desires and product features & benefits. This stronger link causes more people to act on the piece, which results in higher revenues.

Increases your campaign response rate
Recipients respond and act on our creative because it ‘speaks’ to them directly – addressing each persons needs and desires in an individual way. Through our solution – you can send a custom, individual, unique message to everyone in your list – whether your list is 5,000 or 500,000.

The LINK between the recipient and the product is stronger because you choose the features and benefits that are most applicable to each customer and deliver those benefits in a way that is most compelling to each recipient, maximizing their chances of acting on the advertisement.

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