About Us
Our Services
Regardless of your target market or distribution channel, with one-to-one communications and with TVG as your partner, you can successfully penetrate and engage your audience whether in the B2B, B2C or Non-Profit sectors using data-driven customized programs.

Our solutions drive results. Whether your focus is customer relationship management, lead generation, sales opportunities, cross-sell, inventory reduction, increase ROI or to enhance your organizations “Green” efforts by reducing paper usage – TVG has a solution.

Our communications utilize various transactional information, market research, customer insights and other available data.  The result is a unique communication that is more relevant to each recipient producing greater response and overall results. 
In collaboration with you, TVG will build a program tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

Strategic Consultation
A dedicated team develops and executes the right program for your business from concept to completion.

Database expertise
Insights and analytical data expertise developed for each client’s unique business objectives and specifications.

Creative Services and Document Engineering
Highly experienced artists and copy-writers will design and create the compelling variable programs that maximize response.

Full Account Management and Project Management Services

Multi-channel Distribution
Extensive experience in direct to consumer and business-to-business variable print-on-demand direct mail, fulfillment, email and custom online programs.  

Quick time-to-market Solutions
Our process delivers campaigns and programs to the market in an efficient and effective manner.

Green Solution
Produce higher results while reducing the number of pieces you need to print.  

Superior Quality Control
Custom designed systems for proofing and verification of final output files.

Our Technology
Our technology and process is leading-edge and state-of the art.

The TVG Powered Engine is a technology that accepts prospect/customer data including the strategic logic of a campaign objective and returns a highly relevant individualized record that may be used for email, direct mail or customized web-based communications.

As well, TVG deploys ProofPositive™, proprietary data verification technology to ensure output integrity within the variable document. These two technologies are the critical factors behind TVG’s ability to produce best-in-class solutions for data-driven marketing solutions.

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